Zamp Kicker - 20 Watt 10 Amp Battery Maintainer


Zamp Kicker - 20 Watt 10 Amp Battery Maintainer

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Zamp Kicker - solar battery maintainer 20 watt / 10 amp

A trickle charger with everything you need to install to your battery
Recommend for group 24 (10 watt), or 27 (20 watt) batteries and supplied with either a waterproof, weatherproof solar charge controller or a flush/surface mount charge controller. Each kit is equipped with solar panel, battery ring terminal connectors, fuse and fuse holder and wires/splice for install.




Model: ZS-20-10A

Recommended Use:

  • Group (27) 12 volt battery or larger.
  • Dry locations.

This kit is equipped with a 20 Watt solar panel, 10 Amp 2 Stage PWM cabinet/flush mount controller and all the wires and connectors.