3/4" X 30' Viking Recovery Tow Rope

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3/4" X 30' Viking Recovery Tow Rope


Why Choose a Viking Offroad Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope over a strap? The Viking Offroad Tow Ropes stretch 30% at breaking point, making them more effective than straps.


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3/4" X 30' Viking Recovery Tow Rope

The high degree of stretch makes the recovery ropes extremely absorbent of kinetic energy as its transferred from one vehicle to another. The point of a recovery rope or snatch strap is to provide stretch in a dynamic pull (opposite is true for winchlines in a static pull). The more stretch the more kinetic energy is built up to help move the vehicle, & the less impact on the vehicle itself.

The Viking Offroad Kinetic Recovery Tow Rope is made from 100% premium DuPont nylon, double-braided. Our ropes are dyed black to minimize discoloration when dirty & to maintain better visibility when used in snow & sand. Eyes are protected w/ heavy-duty nylon guards w/ strength identofied. All our ropes are 100% US made: both fiber & assembly. When choosing a Tow Rope size, plan the breaking strength to be approximately 3 times the weight of your vehicle.

For larger vehicles this number is closer to the weight of the vehicle. 3/4" Recovery Ropes are best matched for most 4x4's ans SUV's such as Jeeps, Toyota pickups, FJ Cruisers, Land Cruisers, Land Rovers, and lighter full size pick-ups etc.



  • 3/4" x 30' (19.1mm x 9.1m) Recovery Tow Rope
  • MBS 19,000Lb (8.6T)
  • Utilized for heavy P/U trucks, military Hummvees
  • Made with 100% premium US made DuPont nylon
  • Double-braided
  • Color: Black Nylon eye guards, Orange tracer
  • Made in USA

SAFETY NOTE: Do not use tow ropes or tow straps (kinetic snatch straps etc.) w/ winches. Never connect ropes/straps end-to-end w/ other kinetic ropes/straps, w/ shackles or metal connectors.