Alloy Roof Tray (43" x 32")


Alloy Roof Tray (43" x 32")


Rhino Alloy Trays are built tough and last for years

Need extra storage space? The Rhino Alloy Tray is made from structural aluminum and glass reinforced nylon, the Rhino Alloy Tray is non corrosive and can handle whatever is thrown its way.

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Alloy Roof Tray 43" x 32"

The AT1008 is the smallest, most economical and perfect tray solution for you to carry your smaller sized luggage on your weekend away or your hard core 4WD adventures.

Assembling the tray is also very simple and is ready to go in minutes. It is also recommended that it is mounted on roof rack systems with 2 crossbars.




Note: For the AT1008, roof rack crossbars cannot be positioned further than 31.49in, or 800mm apart.


  • Made from structural grade aluminium extrusions and glass reinforced nylon mouldings.
  • Non corrosive anodised aluminium and sun resistant plastics.
  • All parts are recyclable.
  • Small and light for smaller luggage
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Unique tie off points
  • Minimal wind noise

# Of Planks 3

Cross Bars Not included

External Dimensions

  • Length 42.51in, or 1080mm
  • Width 32.48in, or 825mm
  • Height 4.72in, or 120mm

Internal Dimensions

  • Length 39.37in, or 1000mm
  • Width 30.31in, or 770mm
  • Height 3.93in, or 100mm

Product Weight

  • 40.79lb, or 18.5kg