Pronghorn Standard Shackle Mount


Pronghorn Standard Shackle Mount


25,OOO lb capacity

Accepts most 3/4" recovery shackles

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MFES-JK Standard Shackle Mounts
Off-road and expedition vehicles are going to use recovery gear. Period. And you’re going to need a place to safely and securely attach that recovery gear. With that in mind we designed our MFES-JK Standard Shackle Mounts. These mounts (single or dual options) provide strong, secure and safe mounting points for standard 3/4” recovery shackles.


When you stop and look at the forces involved in your standard off-road recovery scenario you quickly realize that this is one area where things can get dangerous very quickly if parts fail. Our 1 1/8” thick Standard Shackle Mounts are rated at 25,000 lbs (minimum breaking strength) and are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet, providing high-strength, light weight and rust proof performance. For severe duty applications you can also outfit the MFES-JK with single or dual Rotator Shackle Mounts (45,000 lb minimum breaking strength).

Maximum Clearance + Maximum Access
Most shackle mounts present a problem when not being used in the fact that they must, by design, protrude from the body of the front-end system. This presents large snag point for obstacles (logs, rocks, etc.) you may be trying to drive or skid over. This is made worse on many bumper systems by the fact that the shackle mounts are positioned low or even underneath the bumper, providing even more snag interference.

A low or under-bumper position of a shackle mount also makes access to the shackle mount even more difficult when the vehicle is in deep mud, sand or snow. In this case you will find yourself having to dig for your shackle mount just to attached the recovery strap. This can also be a problem in steep approach angle scenarios where you front bumper may be jammed against the opposite face of a deep ravine. In this case getting to a low mounted shackle mount will be extremely difficult.

The MFES-JK Standard Shackle Mounts are positioned above the bumper body which eliminates snag interference in technical driving scenarios. This high position also provides easy shackle access in all but the worst deep mud, sand or snow recoveries. This high mounting position also greatly reduces than chance of a trapped or pinned shackle in steep approach angle scenarios.

MFES-JK models (except C1 and C1-S models) come standard with a single Standard Shackle Mount and second Standard Shackle Mount can be added if desired (C1 and C1-S models use Recovery Hooks and optional Rotator Shackle Mounts). The Standard Shackle Mount can be mounted on either the left or right upper assembly or both sides if dual mounts are required (see photos above).

The MFES-JK Dual Standard Shackle Mounts are 2-stage powder coated and available in matte black or recovery yellow. Fasteners are grade 8.8 and OE-grade triple coated for maximum corrosion protection (1000+ hr salt spray test).



Load Rating

  • 45,000 lbs (minimum breaking strength)


  • 7O75-T6 and 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • CNC Machined

Powder Coating and Protection

  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Construction
  • 2-Stage Powder Coating
  • Triple Coated Grade 8.8 Fasteners


  • 2007+ Jeep JK Wrangler (w/ MFES-JK)


  • All MFES-JK Configurations