Pronghorn mfes-jk-c2s


Pronghorn mfes-jk-c2s


MFES (modular front-end system)

STUBS For Jeep JK Wrangler 2007 +

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High-Strength Meets Lightweight

Traditional off-road gear is strong, but it is also seriously heavy. This extra weight overloads the vehicle suspension and adversely effects vehicle performance, handling, and endurance. The Pronghorn US-made Modular Front-End System (MFES) is with a fully boxed design for strength and laser cut, Tig welded aluminum for light weight. All the strength of a comparable steel bumper system, at half the weight, for maximum performance.

Full Modular Design

Not every off-road vehicle is going to need the same front-end system. You may require full grill and headlight protection. Or perhaps you need maximum approach angles and clearance for technical trails. Pronghorn designed the MFES to be fully modular with 18 configurations that allow you to design the front-end system that best fits your specific requirements. Bolt on the stub outers for maximum approach angles or full width outers maximum protection. Select the clean and simple performance of the C1 or C1-S or the full grill and headlight guard protection of the C9 and C9-S. Design the system you need and have the freedom to upgrade and modify as your off-road and expedition requirements change.

Advanced Recovery Gear Options

This is off-road and that means you will need recovery gear. For the MFES there's multiple recovery gear options, as well as multiple mounting points to meet your specific recovery requirements. From dual recovery hooks, to the high-strength shackle mounts (left and right side mounting options), to our patented maximum strength Rotator Shackle Mount, Pronghorn offers the largest number of recovery options of any front-end system to meet your needs.

Need a winch? Pronghorn offers a traditional top mount winch option in addition to our innovative GearMount winch system. Allowing you to quickly and easily attach the winch when and where you need it.

GearMount™ Accessory System

Well designed off-road and expedition gear should include some serious functionality. So, in addition to providing numerous pre-drilled mounting points for your accessories, they added their patented GearMount accessory mounting system. GearMount allows you to quickly and securely attach winches, cargo racks, work/cook tables or any of the other GearMount accessories to the MFES, their rear bumper system and side rail system. And unlike loose fitting receiver hitch mount designs the GearMount system uses two dedicated mounting points that provide secure, zero-freeplay gear attachment. Can install it with basic hand tools. No die grinders, cut-off wheels, or paint required.



MFES Center and Outer Body Sections
3/16” 6061-T6 Aluminum
Laser Cut
CNC Bent
Tig Welded

Upper Sections
1/4” 6061-T6 Aluminum
Laser Cut

Recovery Gear and Mounting Points
6061-T6 and 7075-T6 Aluminum
CNC Machined

Powder Coating and Protection
2-Stage Powder Coating (Dupont)

MFES Body and Outers
Alodine Dipped / 2-Stage Powder Coating (Dupont)

Grade 8.8
3-Stage OE-Grade Coating – Maximum Corrosion Resistance (1000+ hr salt spray test)