Next generation technology with micro power RISC Micro Computers

This new technology is now being integrated in the IBS products offering a variety of great features and improvements. The IBS also allows the main battery to be jump-started from the auxiliary one. Its installation kit includes a power cable, terminals, and a pre-made four-wire harness.

For emergency situations all battery monitors (DBS) are equipped with a manual override function. This manual linking function (called load sharing) is very helpful for jump starting or when using high current appliances such as an electrical recovery winch, power inverter or compressor. After 30 minutes the system returns to fully automatic mode.

Connection schematic IBS-DBS

The installation of all the IBS Dual Battery Systems is easy. Only 4 control wires as well as the power cable (not included in the kit) are needed. The installation does not need D+ line connection from the alternator. Applications include: off road, Rally, county traveling, police, military, utility and emergency vehicles.

IBS Intelligent Dual Battery System
from 379.95

The Next Generation Intelligent Battery System

Designed to be durable and reliable, using the most current technology available.