IBS Intelligent Dual Battery System


IBS Intelligent Dual Battery System

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The Next Generation Intelligent Battery System

Designed to be durable and reliable, using the most current technology available.

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Intelligent Battery System

Columbia Overland provides the technologically advanced Intelligent Battery System (IBS). This unit uses next generation technology with micro power RISC Micro Computers (MTC). This new technology is now being integrated in the IBS products offering a variety of great features and improvements.

During normal driving, the IBS links both batteries using a 500-amp-capable/12-volt relay. When the engine is off, the system isolates the batteries. This allows the auxiliary battery to power accessories for in-car entertainment (ICE), marine applications, AC power inverters and law-enforcement/emergency emergency-responder equipment without draining the main (starting) battery.

A manual override button links the batteries for high-draw situations such as winching when the engine stalls, running high-load inverters or operating on-board air compressors for prolonged duty cycles. The batteries are automatically separated after 30 minutes to prevent accidental discharge.

The Intelligent Battery System is designed to be durable and reliable, using the most current technology available. It was developed by a Swiss engineer who experienced dead batteries while traversing Australia's Great Victorian Desert in his Series 60 Land Cruiser. -The IBS won a Global Media Award as one of the best new products at the 2009 SEMA show.

Monitor the Dual Battery System while in car.



Supply Voltage 4..16 V

System Voltage 12V

Measuring Range (sense wire blue) 8..16V

Display Range (Battery Voltage) 11.0V..12.8V

Alarm Level Main and Aux 12.0V

Display Range (Charge) 13.0V..14.5V

Accuracy +/-1%

Consumption Monitor 1mA

Consumption max. Display active (30 sec) 80mA

Isolator link-on/off threshold 13.1V/13.0V

Consumption on-state (relay) 0.6 A

Relay Continuous load current 200 A

Relais current inrush 500 A

Relay contact material Silver (AG SnO2)

Free combination of batteries possible? yes

Operating Temperature -40°..+176° F

Housing ABS black

Sealing level IP40

Size, dimensions 4x2.6x1 In

Weight 1.7 lbs

Applications include:

  • overland travel
  • off road
  • rally
  • county traveling
  • police, military
  • utility
  • emergency vehicles.