Roof top mounted tents have been a standard in camping around the world for several decades

Free from the many terrestrial critters and the weather elements that ground-based tents are subjected to, sleeping high and dry above also provides for quick and effortless bedroom set up and break down.

Fold open the tent with one simple motion and you'll be relaxing in no time. Front Runner roof top tents come standard with a foam sleeping pad, so all you need to do is add pillows and sleeping bags, or sheets and a comforter, and you'll have an instant, safe, comfortable sleeping solution.

With a roof top tent you can sleep comfortably in uneven and rocky terrain

Feather-Lite Sleeps 2+ comfortably and is the lowest profile roof top tent on the market and only weighs 40kg (88.18lbs).

There's nothing better than enjoying a passing storm from a cozy, dry, raised tent!

The tents can be configured to open up over the rear of the vehicle, either side, or even over the hood. And if it rains, you'll no longer have to worry about water pooling around the tent and folding up a muddy tent after a terrible night's sleep.