Columbia Overland

Quality equipment, products and systems

Our commitment starts with the vendors we partner with, as we carefully source, test and use our product selections to verify that they work best for you.

Innovative design and engineering

We develop our Columbia Overland branded products to be durable, simple and effective – giving you advantages in remote, vehicle – dependent travel.

Effective offroad driving instruction

Offroad driving requires education. Our strategic partnership with Overland Experts provides the very best skills training. The knowledge you don’t have won’t help you. Regional training modules are available so you can gain proficiencies that work with your schedule and life. Drive well. Drive further.


Columbia Overland innovates and partners with various outdoor adventure & equipment companies, to make the outdoors and travel less expensive and more accessible

Our valued partner relationships allow us to provide an extremely well vetted on-line store, where you can find the right high quality gear and knowledge to experience your dreams realized.